Callistemon rugulosus

Callistemon rugulosus

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scarlet bottlebrush
Minimum Purchase:
5 seedlings
Maximum Purchase:
400 seedlings

Callistemon rugulosus (scarlet bottlebrush) is a very hardy and reliable bottlebrush species to around 3m that can withstand periods of drought and periodic inundation and poor soils. The new foliage in spring has a striking purple colouration followed by red bottlebrush flowers with yellow anthers.

Callistemon rugulosus (scarlet bottlebrush) is well suited to be grown as an individual garden specimen or as part of a shelterbelt  or screening system.

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Notes on Maps.

Generally, the concentrated clusters of markers represent the geographical range where this species occurs naturally. Outlying markers and geographically disassociated markers represent observations of the species in cultivation and/or recorded in herbaria etc.


These maps are provided by, and are used with the permission of,  Australia’s Virtual Herbarium (AVH)