• How long do my seedlings last in a hiko tray? In most cases it is ok to keep seedlings in the hiko tray for 1-2 months. For optimal results we do not recommend longer than this as the seedlings can become root bound or require fertilisation.
  • My seedlings are not green, are they going to survive? Seedlings in our nursery are grown outside not in hot houses, this is to give them tolerance to conditions. The seedlings are also not over fertilised to ensure they do not grow to fast to soon in the hiko trays. The seedlings will thrive once they are planted and fertilised. If seedlings are purchased over the cooler months, they become dormant, once the warmer weather returns, they will regain colour.
  • What fertiliser should I use on my seedlings? We use and suggest ozmocote slow-release fertiliser and ozmocote pro. We suggest speaking to your nearest specialist for fertilising options.
  • How long will my seedlings survive in the post? Seedlings in most cases will be ok within a two-week period. Please water and place outside once they arrive.
  • How far apart should seedlings spacing be for windbreaks? We suggest 3 meters spacing from fence lines and from other seedlings. If you desire a more compact windbreak, we suggest 2 meters spacing. If you are planting more than one windbreak row, we suggest staggering the seedlings. This creates better privacy screening and wind channelling.
  • What should I do to prepare for seedling planting? We suggest clearing the area, spray all weeds. Weeds take away the nutrients from your new seedlings and they can suffocate them by blocking the sunlight. We suggest mounding the seedlings, this is personal preference. We suggest guarding the seedlings to protect from wildlife and wind, frosts protection. Water once planted, to compact the media and obtain 100% contact with the soil and root ball of the seedling, this prevents air pockets and to help with the soil drying out. Check on regularly.
  • What happens if my hiko tray arrives upside down?On this rare occurrence we suggest checking the root balls of the seedlings are still in tact. Gently place these back into the hiko tray cells, add additional media if required. Water and monitor. If any perish please contact the nursery.