Tree Guards

Introducing the NEW ERA Cylinder Corflute Tree Guard

  • Easy one piece assembly in seconds
  • UV Stabilised Corflute
  • Can be used each year for Years. Easy to store flat
  • Very Stable in strong wind and in flood prone areas
  • Can be easily removed from established tree without damage
  • This guard has been designed to be used only with a 750mm x 25mm x 18mm hardwood stake

Step 1. Place guard on a Flat Surface such as a ute tray or table

Step 2. Fold and Hold guard by the holes as illustrated

Step 3. Insert single 750mm x 25 x 18 mm stake from the inside of the cylinder guard. If supplying your own stakes ensure that they have a rectangular profile as close as possible to the 25 x 18mm pictured below. The 25mm side facing out.

The stake must be inserted from the inside as illustrated otherwise it will result in excessive distortion of the guard.

Step 4. Push the stake through to the lower hole as illustrated.

Step 5. Drive the stake into the ground at the planting location.

For Best results place the hardwood stake facing the prevailing wind.

This is a complete micro-greenhouse solution.

Ideal for frost protection for early season vegetable establishment, passionfruit and all manner of cold-sensitive plants.


We stock a full range of Tree Guards please contact the nursery for pricing.