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    ...We have quality tubestock from $1.00 each

    These are live plants (tubestock ready for planting) - NOT seeds


    We are not permitted to send nursery stock to WA, NT or Tasmania


     due to government biosecurity restrictions





      Welcome to the ERA Nurseries online Store where you will find an ever-increasing range of keenly priced native trees and shrubs suited for a wide range of rural, urban, amenity and conservation applications. 

    We also regularly discount certain lines so bookmark this page, register with us and keep track of discounted stock announcements.

    This website has full SSL 128 bit security with encryption ensuring your transaction with us will be safe.

    Please look at the short video and commentary below which outlines the ordering protocols and packaging.


    Ordering Information

    A New small pack of 20 plants is now available for customers requiring smaller numbers (minimum 5 plants per species) Orders >20 must be in multiples of 40 (i.e 40, 80, 120 etc). This is to match our packaging system and allows us to keep the prices low.


    We basically have 3 carton sizes.

    Small (20 plants)

    1 tray (40 plants)

    2 trays (80 plants)


    You can order any available species with a minimum of 5 plants per species provided the total is 20 and thereafter 40 (or multiple of). For example, you could have 4 species x 5 per species = 20 , or 1 x 20 = 20, and after  that 8 species x 5 per species = 40 , or 1 x 40 = 40  or totals of 80 etc and so on. You can order any number of plants you like provided they can be accommodated in the various carton sizes described above.


    The delivery of Live Plants resulting from sales on this web site is currently NOT permitted in Western Australia, Northern Territory or Tasmania due to government plant movement restrictions.


    Plant sales are also NOT available outside of Australia.


    South Australia. Due to the presence of myrtle rust in the eastern states, PIRSA has recently placed restrictions on the movement of family myrtaceae species ( eucalyptus, melaleuca etc) into South Australia.

    ERA Nurseries has been audited and deemed myrtle rust free. This ongoing monitoring has resulted in ERA attaining Myrtle Rust accreditation (ICA-42) thus allowing ERA to ship Myrtaceae to South Australia.

    Shipments to South Australia will be accompanied by a formal 'Plant Health Certificate' and a manifest. It is a requirement that the receiver provides a street address for entry on the Plant Health Certificate. Goods can still be directed to a Post Office box if desired.


    Basic Ordering Guidelines

    ERA – Online provides seedlings in 20 and 40 cell Hiko trays where each of the cells of 93cc is equivalent to what is commonly referred to as tubestock.

    There is a basic ordering requirement of a minimum of 5 plants per species with a minimum total of 20 plants and in multiples of 40 thereafter.

    In order to optimise the packaging, freight and/or postage cost, it is a requirement that total orders (over the basic 20)  be in multiples of 40.



    Our range of plants will vary throughout the year to reflect seasonal shortages and supply and delivery trends. The range is being added to regularly so bookmark this site and check for updates from time to time.



    Live plant orders will be shipped to you by Australia Post Parcel service. Delivery time will usually take between 2 and 4 days depending on location. You will be issued with a tracking number and order confirmation email once you have lodged an order.

    The packing and  shipping charge will be charged as follows;

    Cost per 40 plants (or part thereof)  Victoria $15, NSW $20, Sth Aust $22, Qld $28.

    These rates apply to orders of up to 500 plants. Please contact ERA for orders over 500 plants for a reduced shipping charge.

    All costs include GST

     In-Store pickup means nursery door which is located at Hamilton Victoria


    Plant Care.

    Every care is taken to ensure that your seedlings arrive in the best condition possible. The seedlings will be packaged in custom designed cartons and strapped to minimise potential damage and disruption during transit. These internal straps will need to be removed before removing the trays from the cartons (see video)

    Please be sure to loosen the seedlings from beneath by using your fingers or a suitable dowell. Pulling them out by the top growth may possibly cause damage to the plant.


    Bulk Discounts

    ERA is a large scale producer. If you have a requirement for larger numbers of seedlings then generous bulk discounts will apply. This will also apply to wholesale operators, forward orders and contact propagation enquiries but does not apply to sales priced items.

    Please contact ERA Nurseries on (03) 5572 2123 for a quote and competitive delivery charge estimate to anywhere in Victoria, NSW, South Australia or Queensland.


    ERA Nurseries Plant Hygiene Policy


    New procedures are now in place to minimise the spread of myrtle rust.

    ERA Nurseries has attained mytle rust accreditation (ICA-42) . Interstate Provider (IP) # V9763


    In addition,

    1.   ERA Nurseries will not accept returned plant material under any circumstances once it has left the property.

    2.    Visitors to the Nursery must report to the office and are not permitted to enter the plant holding areas without authority.

    3.   Live Plant Material, seedlings etc ordered via the ERA on-line shop will be routinely treated with an approved fungicide (copper oxychloride) prior to being dispatched to any destination both within Victoria and interstate.

    4.    ERA Nurseries is a grower and wholesaler and as such has no need to regularly purchase live plant material from elsewhere. In the event that plant material is purchased it will only be sourced from reputable suppliers and must be accompanied with a 'Plant Health Certificate' and will be sprayed with an approved fungicide upon arrival.

    5.    Forestry seedlings will be sprayed with an approved fungicide prior to dispatch.



    (Updated on 6 January 2020)

































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