Melaleuca stypheliodes

Melaleuca stypheliodes

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prickly tea tree<
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Melaleuca styphelioides or prickly tea tree is a tree of up to 15 - 20 metres where it occurs naturally in Northern New South Wales northward into Queensland.

It has slightly prickly foliage and is commonly used in those regions as a specimen and street tree.

Prickly tea tree has been planted extensively outside its natural range, particularly in the cooler regions of Victoria where it grows as a large shrub to 5 or 6 metres and thick to ground level.

This growth habit in cool regions means that Melaleuca styphelioides is an excellent species for planting as a shelterbelt that also offers a deterrent for stock due to the prickly foliage.

they grow in moist conditions, like stream banks and along the coast of Northern regions in the Nowra District in NSW


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Notes on Maps.

Generally, the concentrated clusters of markers represent the geographical range where this species occurs naturally. Outlying markers and geographically disassociated markers represent observations of the species in cultivation and/or recorded in herbaria etc.


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