Eucalyptus viminalis subsp cygnetensis

Eucalyptus viminalis subsp cygnetensis

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rough bark manna gum
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Eucalyptus viminalis subsp cygnetensis or rough-barked manna gum is one of the 3 or so described subspecies of Eucalyptus viminalis. This subspecies occurs in the wetter, cooler regions of southern South Australia and Victoria and is a medium to large tree with a spreading crown.


Eucalyptus viminalis subsp cygnetensis is distinguished by having rough bark at the base giving way to smooth slate-grey smooth bark and greyish foliage. This is a very attractive tree and is the preferred food source for koalas and the preferred habitat for other native mammals and birds.


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Notes on Maps.

Generally, the concentrated clusters of markers represent the geographical range where this species occurs naturally. Outlying markers and geographically disassociated markers represent observations of the species in cultivation and/or recorded in herbaria etc.


These maps are provided by, and are used with the permission of,  Australia’s Virtual Herbarium (AVH)