Eucalyptus erythrocorys

Eucalyptus erythrocorys

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red-capped gum
Minimum Purchase:
5 seedlings
Maximum Purchase:
10 seedlings

This amazing tree is native to the dry areas north of Perth WA. It grows in limestone and limestone derived soils in coastal and sub coastal areas. 

It is a small tree usually to around 5 metres and can have an unreliable form.

This species will not like high rainfall areas or wet soils nor will it like tropical regions. They typically develop funga disorders and fail.

Grown in clumps in the areas similar to their natural habitat will certainly increase their chances of flourishing.

There are some outstanding mature specimens in places like Adeaide (northern suburbs) SA Riverland, Vic Sunrysia, Murray Mallee, Eyre and Yorke penisular etc where it is often seen growing as a street tree. It is widely cultivated overseas in drier areas.