Eucalyptus cosmophylla

Eucalyptus cosmophylla

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cup gum
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Eucalyptus cosmophylla or 'cup gum' is a small rounded tree occuring naturally in the southern Mount Lofty Ranges and on Kangaroo Island. Cup gum occupies sites characterised by leached sandy or stony infertile soils in areas subject to relatively high rainfall. An excellent small tree for windy exposed sites where foliage cover  to ground level is sought.

 Eucalyptus cosmophylla (cup gum) grows to a mature height of around 4 - 6 metres  with a spread of up to 6 metres. It has distinctive leathery leaves and large fruit capsules with white/cream flowers. Cup gum is so named because of the shape of the fruit capsules.

Cup gum is heavily floriferous and favoured by beekeepers as a source of nectar.


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Notes on Maps.

Generally, the concentrated clusters of markers represent the geographical range where this species occurs naturally. Outlying markers and geographically disassociated markers represent observations of the species in cultivation and/or recorded in herbaria etc.


These maps are provided by, and are used with the permission of,  Australia’s Virtual Herbarium (AVH)