Eucalyptus agglometrata

Eucalyptus agglometrata

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Eucalyptus agglomerata, commonly known as blue-leaved stringybark,[3] is a tree endemic to eastern Australia.

Eucalyptus agglomerata grows to a height of 40 m (100 ft) and has thick, fibrous, stringy bark, usually colored grey over reddish brown.

Flowering mostly occurs between October and January that are white to cream-coloured, and crowded, flattened hemispherical fruit.

The climate for this species is mostly warm humid with rainfall ranges between 700 mm to 1500 mm per year.

Blue-leaved stringybark is often found on gentle to moderate slopes in the coastal and tableland areas, but it also grows on steep slopes in the Blue Mountains.

The soils show a range of types, some of poor quality but mostly of good levels of sub soil moisture.

Podosolic soils give best results. The soil types for E. agglomerata are mostly sedimentary, based on shales and sandstones, but sometimes slates.