Atriplex nummularia

Atriplex nummularia

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old man
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5 seedlings
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400 seedlings

The iconic Atriplex nummularia occurs naturally in the arid zones in all the mainland Australian states. It has been introduced into arid regions throughout the world very successfully

It is extremely hardy, thriving in particularly harsh environments such as saline and alkaline lowlands A. nummularia is the largest species of Australian saltbush, typically growing 2–4m wide and up to 3m tall in either a sprawling or erect arrangement.

Old man saltbush has long been recognised as platable drought fodder, particularly for sheep. 

It develops a lattice of woody stems which branch from or close to ground level and utilises a taproot with a subsequent root system that is moderate to deep.

Old Man Saltbush leaves may be treated like a leafy vegetable, enjoyed blanched, sautéed, wrapped around meat or fish, used in salads, or for stuffing poultry. Alternatively, they may be dried and used as a herb or sprinkle