Agonis flexuosa

Agonis flexuosa

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willow myrtle
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5 seedlings
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400 seedlings

Agonis Flexuosa, commonly known as Western Australian Peppermint or Willow Myrtle for its weeping habits, grows up to 15 metres insome cases but usually they only reach 10 metres.

Flowering between August and December with small white flowers, and narrow leaves, when leaves are crushed a pepermint odour is emitted.

The habitats suitable for this species are limestone heath, stable dunes and sandy soils, usually inland from the coast.

They can also be grown as an understorey plant. 

The Noongar Poeple used the leaves from this plant as an atisceptic, and the sapling trunks were used as spear shafts and digging sticks.