Acacia victoriae

Acacia victoriae

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elegant wattle
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This Acacia is one of the main three used in the bush food industry. Wattle seed has a nutty taste, and is used as a coffee substitute, in flour mixes, in cakes, and in sauces. Occurring over most states of Australia.

Mature Acacia victoriae grow into a shrub-like tree with multiple trunks. They reach a height of about 5–6 meters and are moderately fast growing. It has a life-span of about 10–15 years. 

Found in arid and semi-arid areas,[2] the Acacia victoriae is generally found in alkaline soils including clayey alluvials, grey cracking clays and saline loams on floodplains, alluvial flats, rocky hillsides and ridges.[3] Animals such as birds and small mammals are known to use the tree as protection. The seeds and foliage also offer a source of food to animals

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    A very useful plant.

    Published by Willow on 9th Apr 2024

    I've wanted these for a while now. Super keen to try the seeds. They sure are spiky. I wanted some spiky native shrubs to create habitat for tiny birds. These should do the job. These will hopefully create a windbreak for my orchard and a home for fairywrens, as well as providing me with another source of food. Might even attract some butterflies if I'm lucky.