Acacia salicina

Acacia salicina

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Willow wattle
Minimum Purchase:
5 seedlings
Maximum Purchase:
80 seedlings

Acacia Salicina, or commonly known as willow wattle, native wattle or sally wattle, are native to Australia.

A large shrub that grows up to 14 metres, with a lifespand of about 10-50 years.

The flowers bloom from October to January, and are spherical and yellow.

This species grows in the Eastern Parts of Australia, widespread between QLD, NSW, VIC and SA. they can be grow in WA and the southern parts of NT.

They do well in full sun and are frost tolerant to -6.7 degrees celsius, and can be used to stabalize river banks as well as other areas.

Acacia Salicina are drought tlerat and can provide stock fodder through dry periods, however they have a poorer nutritional value then others.