ERA NURSERIES - Australian native tubestock nursery.
Our 24/7 on-line store is open for business. To visit, please click the above link for a wide selection of keenly priced native tubestock and associated merchandise which is available for sale on-line. 
This business was established over 15 years ago when South Western Victorian businessman, Peter Sandow together with South Australian horticulturist and nurseryman, Ted Allender, established ERA Nurseries in late 1998.

In the early years ERA concentrated it main activities on the plantation forestry sector but in recent years the emphasis has shifted to a more balanced production regime.

This shift has resulted in a greater involvement in the retail, revegetation and farm forestry industry sectors

ERA has developed a range of advanced trees and shrubs for the landscaping, government and semi-government and retail market sectors.

An increasing proportion of ERA's annual output is non forestry species with increasing emphasis on locally-occurring revegetation species and alternative plantation and farm forestry lines.

ERA opened a retail sales section in early 2011 thus providing a convenient place for the public to visit and buy a tree or shrub at near wholesale prices. Most lines produced by ERA are Australian native plants including eucalyptus, Acacia, Callistemon, Casuarina, Banksia, Corymbia, Dodonaea, Leptospermum and Melaleuca to name a few.

Apart from the wattles, gums, bottlebrush etc, ERA produces a range of grasses, flaxes, pittosporum and other useful largely exotic landscaping species in a range of container sizes from seedlings to advanced sizes.


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"We are open to the public on weekdays for seedling and merchandise retail sales."